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We specialize in heavy-duty rescue tool holders, Spanner wrenches, Span-Hammers, aluminum wheel chocks and holders, Aluminum soft blow hammers for manufacturing, and many other products.


Please feel free to contact us at 419-281-4485 or by email at Info@Zephyrindustries.com


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Hurst E2 extrication tool mounts

January 16, 2015

Ashland, OH – Zephyr Industries introduces a new addition to their line of extrication tool mounting solutions: the Hurst SC 350E2 e-Draulic Extrication brackets.     Zephyrs E2 Mount store Available in four angles:  f Vertical- Free standing       30 Degree- Free standing 60 Degree-Free standing          Two Piece Horizontal/Hanging Vertical*        *The Hanging Vertical is ideal for hanging the cutters on the doors or walls of an apparatus compartment. This holder consists of two heavy-duty aluminum components--one hanging cradle and a tip bracket, which are custom made to fit this specific tool..Mounts to nearly any vertical surface. To secure, simply slide the tool's grip handle into the cradle support and allow gravity to do the rest.   ...

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Zephyr Industries launches Extrication mounts for Holmatro Greenline

November 19, 2014

Zephyr Industries is proud to announce it has finished developing extrication tool mounts for the new Holmatro Greenline line of tools.   For Brochure with ordering information, click on the Holmatro Logo:     Cutters:  Holmatro GCT 4035 NCT    Holmatro GCT 4050 NTC II    Spreader:  Holmatro GCP 4240 Spreader Combination:   Holmatro GCT 5117  Holmatro GCT 5111  Holmatro GCT 4150   Holmatro GCT 4120   We built these mounts extra tough to handle the different weight balance of the battery powered extrication tools.            We have stocked the shelves and are ready to ship out same day!   Mounting Bracket provides the flexibility you need to design your truck the way you need it! Available in 30 Degree...

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New Catalog

April 08, 2014

Zephyr Industries has just completed the new Product Catalog for 2014!     We want to thank Triad Advertising for helping us with the process!     If you would like a printed version- Please email us at info@zephyrindustries.com. leave a comment below, or call at 1 419 281 4485.   You may also download a version here:  

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