Nozzles Mounting

                                       Series 1 Nozzle Mounts

              Side Mount                                Rear Mount





For up to 3 " barrel diameter nozzles

Ideal for booster line nozzles, pre-connect hand lines, as a spare nozzle holder, or a utility bracket


                            Series II Nozzle Mounting Brackets

Models available for: TurboJet, Assualt Tip, SaberJet, TFT, Elkhart

                 Side Mount                                Rear Mount

Ideal for mounting to side of pumper at cross-lay area.                                              Ideal for mounting at rear of pumper hose bed.

Right angle design allows close mounting with minimum projection.                  Position at eye level for easy reach-in                                                                                                                                                                                                               without boarding rear or deck.





For up to 6 " bumper diameter

Designed specifically to provide best in class fit, functionality and durability.


                                      PlayPipe Nozzle Mount- Model #57


Perfect for storing your play pipe nozzle in a ready to use position. Ideal for pre-connect or storage.

  • Utilizes speed pin retainer for quick access
  • Dimensions: 6" W x 9" L X 2 " D
  • Available for up to 3 " nozzle barrel diameters
  • Wt: 3  lbs