Why Choose Us

We put the customer first at Zephyr Industries- we continually strive to improve our products to keep up with an ever changing environment.


We take pride in manufacturing in the U.S.A.


All of our products are manufactured in Ashland, OH.

Our foundry and machine shop allows us to not only produce our standard products- but allows us to instantly change our products to meet any special requests. 


We recently developed a new wheel chock holder for a customer because they needed an exact mirror of our #40 holder.  We created a prototype within a week and had a working model to our customer within two weeks.


Zephyr Industries strives to be the best in class on all of our products.  We over-engineer so that our products will not only meet, but exceed your expectations.  


We are so confident that we support all of our products with a year warranty- If our product fails due to manufacturing faults- we will replace the product at our cost.  


Zephyr Industries is in this for the long term- we look forward to growing with you and your company!