Rescue Tool Mounts

Fixed Angle Mounting Brackets

Zephyr offers fixed angle mounting brackets for Hurst, Holmatro, TNT, Genesis, Centaur, Amkus, and Lukas spreaders, cutters, rams, and combination tools. 


Features you Want

These brackets are for vertical , horizontal, 30 degree, and 60 degree mounting of the spreaders, cutters and combination tools. These heavy duty, cast aluminum brackets are built to take the abuse of every-day use on fire and rescue vehicles. They have anti-bounce features that hold the tools in place to prevent damage to the tools and the vehicle compartments. The mounting brackets allow the tools to be stored in a ready-to-use fashion, allowing responders to utilize the quick deployment and easy storage. The mounting brackets are powder coated to prevent oxidation and galvanometric corrosion and come with Stainless Steel mounting hardware and speed pin retainers (where applicable)Features you Want

Solid Aluminum Alloy

Vertical rescue tool mounting bracket by Zephyr Industries

We start every Rescue Tool Mount with a solid aluminum alloy casting made in our own foundry.  We then weld it to the specific angle you request.   

Exact Fit Designs

Every holder is designed for each tool so you are guaranteed a tight and secure grip on your expensive rescue tool. 



Please feel free to contact us at 419-281-4485 if you have any specific questions.