Hurst Tool Mount

Zephyr Industries makes vertical, angled and mounting brackets for the majority of the Hurst product line.


If you do not see your rescue tool mount listed- Please contact us- we are developing new mounts every day.


Hurst Spreaders:              Hurst Cutters:          Hurst Combination:                 Hurst Ram:

Hurst ML-28                       Hurst X-Tractor        Hurst MOC Combination

Hurst Sp 510                      Hurst X-Trac S          Hurst X-Trac Combination      Please contact us for specifics

Hurst Sp 310                      Hurst X Trac II                                                              419-281-4485    

Hurst ML-32                       Hurst X Trac

Hurst JL-27                        Hurst MOC

Hurst JL-24                        Hurst ML-75

Hurst Transformer            Hurst ML-50

Tips up Holder for JL-27,32a,32b and ML-32

                                           Hurst ML-40

                                           Hurst ML-12

                                           Hurst JL-150

                                           Hurst JL-11

                                           Hurst 0-90


What makes Zephyr different from other products?

                                        1.  Casting-

Powder coated casting ready for hardware install.

The process starts at our own foundry at our facility- we cast only certified aluminum alloy. We make all the necessary parts to build the holder that matches your tool and the angle that you desire.  

2. Welding

We then weld the holder to your angle and clean it in preparation for powder coating.

3. Powder Coating

  This is accomplished via an ISO 1901:2000 powder coat facility to                                                           insure a quality product.

                                        4.  Final Assembly

                                         We drill and tap holes for the restraining rubber strap and                                                                                                              mounting holes.

                                        5.  Complete product- No additional straps or hardware required.

                                          Included is the necessary stainless steel hardware to provide proper                                                                                             mounting.

                                        6.  Packaging

                                           Product is wrapped and packed and ready for delivery to your                                                                                                        department.