Holmatro Rescue Tool Mounting Brackets




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 Holmatro 4280                        Holmatro 4035 NCT                Holmatro 4150

 Holmatro 4260                        Holmatro 4055 NCT                Holmatro 3120                          Please Contact us for specific

 Holmatro 4242                        Holmatro 4050 NCT                Holmatro 3110                          models-   419-281-4485 or

 Holmatro 4240                        Holmatro 4040                        Holmatro 2002                          Info@zephyrindustries.com

 Holmatro 4230                        Holmatro 4035

 Holmatro 3280                        Holmatro 4020

 Holmatro 3260                        Holmatro 3050

 Holmatro 3242                        Holmatro 3040

 Holmatro 3230                        Holmatro 3035 

 Holmatro 2007 UL                  Holmatro 3020

 Holmatro 2003 UL                  Holmatro 2009UL



Zephyr Industries makes vertical, angled and mounting brackets for the majority of the Holmatro product line.


What makes Zephyr different from other products?


Powder coated casting ready for hardware install.


The process starts at our own foundry at our facility- we cast the necessary parts to build the holder that matches your tool and the angle that you desire.  

2. Welding

We then weld the holder to your angle and clean it in preparation for powder coating.

3. Powder Coating

This is accomplished via an ISO 1901:2000 powder coat facility to insure a quality product.

4.  We drill and tap holes for the restraining rubber strap and mounting holes.

5.  Included is the necessary stainless steel hardware to provide proper mounting.

6.  Product is wrapped and packed and ready for delivery to your department.