Holmatro Inclined power tools

Ashland, OH –

Zephyr Industries introduces a new addition to their line of extrication tool mounting solutions: the Holmatro Inclined rescue tools.  

New to Zephyr:

GCU 5050 EVO

GCU 5050i EVO


GSP 5240 EVO

GSP 5250 EVO

5260 and 5240 CL

Holmatro Rescue Tool Mounts 

Available in four angles:  

  • Vertical- Free standing  



  • 30 Degree- Free standing

  • 60 Degree-Free standing


  • Two Piece Horizontal/Hanging Vertical*



*The Hanging Vertical is ideal for hanging the cutters on the doors or walls of an apparatus compartment. This holder consists of two heavy-duty aluminum components--one hanging cradle and a tip bracket, which are custom made to fit this specific tool..Mounts to nearly any vertical surface. To secure, simply slide the tool's grip handle into the cradle support and allow gravity to do the rest. 



Available now. . For more information please call 1-419-281-4485 or email at  



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