New Photos of Our Products

We finally had our first photo shoot!  We have been manufacturing holders in an attempt to get some quality photos on our Website.  The logistics between a busy department, a busy photographer and gathering enough holders for the shoot took longer than we anticipated.  Below is our President and fearless leader Doug carrying the rescue tools over for the shoot.




We now have some stock Holmatro photos for our website.  The actual photo shoot was easier than expected.


It was considerably lower tech than we were expecting but the photos should turn out pretty amazing. 


Special thank you for the Jeromesville Fire Department for helping us out with the Rescue Tools!


Also a big thanks to Maurer Photography for meeting us onsite for the shoot.

  Doug wasting precious time texting everyone.....


As always- Please reach out to us at or by phone at 419 281 4885

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Virgil Slagle
Virgil Slagle

January 18, 2014

it’s good to see that Zephyr is back! The product has always been outstanding.

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